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1girl :q animal_ears ass bad_id bad_pixiv_id black_legwear blonde_hair bomber_jacket camera charlotte_e_yeager commentary crotch_seam dakku_(ogitsune) day emblem green_eyes headphones jacket mecha_musume military nose_art panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose short_hair sky smile solo sr-71_blackbird star strike_witches_1991 striker_unit sun tail thighband_pantyhose tongue tongue_out underwear world_witches_series
1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id black_legwear blonde_hair boots camera coat commentary crotch_seam dakku_(ogitsune) green_eyes military military_uniform original panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose short_hair solo strike_witches_1991 tail thighband_pantyhose underwear uniform world_witches_series
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charlotte e yeager (strike witches 1991 and world witches series) drawn by dakku (ogitsune)
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    lol @ Shirley's picture on the striker unit. It seems she's become famous among the modern strike witches.


    Makes sense considering Chuck's reputation.


    haha, I'm loving her facial expression


    Talk about power perversion potential.


    "Ever get the feeling you''re being watched, sir?"


    I love these humanized vehicles and such. An SR-71 blackbird, gotta be fast to keep up with that one.


    I am ... a little disturbed that this also ended up just about the way I thought it would! Seems like maybe a Gary Powers reference, aside from being a few decades late.


    超高高度を超音速で駆け抜けるお馴染みブラックバード。リベリオン合衆国空軍テレサ・パワーズ少尉(16歳)。元は戦闘機部隊所属だったが、他のウィッチを散々盗撮した挙げ句エリント部隊に左遷された。湾岸ネウロイ戦争中に長距離地対地ミサイル発射基地を特定し、収集した情報が後の戦局を変えた。 …みたいな。

    Strike Witches 1991 #4

    The the well-known supersonic unit, the Blackbird. This is 2Lt. Theresa Powers (age 16) of the United States of Liberion Air Force. She was originally part of a flight unit, but was eventually demoted to an ELINT squad after taking voyeuristic photos of her fellow flight members. She specialized in gathering information on long-range SSM launches during the Gulf Coast Neuroi war, and the intelligence she gathered changed the fate of the war. ... apparently.


    wait wait wait... This is the Strike Witches world.. That says U.S. AIR FORCE ..... There is no u.s. ... Olny liberion


    Cipher158 said:
    wait wait wait... This is the Strike Witches world.. That says U.S. AIR FORCE ..... There is no u.s. ... Olny liberion

    U.S. United States. ......of Liberion.