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    All right.
    1) Draw a circle.
    2)Follow the pattern.
    3)Make the whole thing turn very fast.
    4) Enjoy.


    1,578,794,567 with Tenshi owo


    LOL this is lots more fun than I thought, lol @ Tenshi blasting the thing at herself XD


    60,311,455,437 with Tenshi I think I broke some random planet


    TENSHI FTW! 10,089,727,557
    She beat my Yuka's 2,004,683,061


    65,309,122,089 with tenshi ò3ó
    34,908,892,156 with yuuka :3


    lol 96,785,453,002 With marisa


    119.428.081.103 with tenshi, i still have no idea what i've done


    The first time I did each I had no idea what I was doing. I got maybe two or three thousand MEGA-tons from Marisa and Yuuka, then suddenly Tenshi FTW with a little over five billion MEGA-tons.

    So far my score is as follows,
    Marisa: 3,976,139,014,437 MEGA-tons
    Yuuka: 2,914,613,136,320 MEGA-tons
    Tenshi: 3,530,724,454,292 MEGA-tons right in her own face

    Yuuka is probably the hardest one to follow the pattern for before it dissapears. The spinning at a certain point seems to be up to luck. Sometimes I'll get lower than 333.00 and sometimes I'll get higher than 1000.00.


    LOL 162,755,890,113 with yuuka


    42 billion with Marisa. Look like the circle is not well-centered.


    10.830.439.118 with Yuuka is the best I can go right now, started going really slow for me and dropped to lowest quality


    11,7something,something,something with Marisa.
    This is fun!


    1. 389,896,725,791
    2. 697,596,895,685
    3. 674,074,979,406


    Fuck yeah Tenshi did it again.
    A little over 90% on the two drawings, which gets pretty easy, but then a rotation speed of 1117.XX(too quick to read that part)

    New Tenshi record: 8,354,555,787,346 MEGA-tons.

    I wonder if there's another scene if you get it past ten trillion MEGA-tons?


    w/ Tenshi 173,479,248,102 I think there went an entire solar system...

    Barely broke 50bil max on the others though ><


    I just got 53,147,445,247 with Tenshi, after failing twice in a row to break ten thousand with her.

    Miss.Satori --> Marisa


    GAWD, my mouse sucks at this. Keeps going wacky if it moves too fast.


    235,762,245,553 with marisa^^


    62,166,169,933 with Yuuka~


    7,296,891,235,897 with Tenshi.


    Tsukuyomi.Akemi said:
    100,000,000,000,000,000 Yuuka +o+

    Picture or it didn't happen.

    Hijiri Byakuren

    13,206,893,920,856 Tenshi and no extra scene after the planet veiw :(


    1,219,345,207,430 for Tenshi. Drawing a good circle above 80 is pretty hard...
    Also, Tenko is the master of lasers judging that so many have their high scores with her.


    502,310,647,829 with Marisa


    pulled out my stylus to cheat some, and got to 476.347.100.561 with Tenshi. trying to throw the circle around with that is pretty much impossible though

    highest I've gotten mouse-only is 180.852.651.030

    Triple Factorial

    My best scores so far:

    328,793,070,236 MEGA-tons - Marisa
    455,722,489,857 MEGA-tons - Yuuka
    340,288,688,623 MEGA-tons to the face - Tenshi

    Speed is probably more critcal than the circle or shape. Even a sub-50% circle of 160 size and a sub-80% shape can still go to 100 billion MEGA-tons if you can get some wrist behind it (~700 speed). Conversely, a 90% circle of 250 with a 90% shape won't even get to 50 billion MEGA-tons if you screw up the spin and not even get 200 speed.


    How do you make it spin fast?


    358,342,583,376 with Tenshi.
    I find it easiest, when making the symbol spin, to click the top of it, drag the mouse to the left of the screen, then to the right quickly and release. The power was over 1,100.


    My current record:
    49,943,750,482 MEGA-tons - Marisa
    50,567,128,756 MEGA-tons - Yuuka
    74,289,579,700 MEGA-tons TO THE FACE - Tenshi


    759,699,136,103 Megaton with Marisa. Wow. :[


    This game is indeed fun.

    My best was 127,963,570,843 with Tenshi.

    And after that i've tried to discover if there's some cap,as far as i saw,there's no max number (or it's pretty high),i've saved the game on my PC,opened it and messed a little with the window,it seems the spining is the most important thing after all.

    Look how much i've reached after doing some tests



    Damn this is hard with a touchpad.


    Anybody else notice that they're all using their left hands?


    4,300,165,056,001 with Marisa, HOLY....


    Ughhh due to rough Japanese skills i posses -__-
    I think its:
    Marisa no (Pink characters on top)
    Guru Guru (rainbow characters)
    Mahoujin (block characters)

    I think >__> >:3

    Harold the Maid

    broke two records but i sucked with yuuka


    387, 962,809,609 with tenshi.
    i suck with everyone else.

    flan flan!

    Fuck yeah, 762,317,982,547 with Tenshi.

    maid guy

    1,544,518,096,623 with tenshi


    Can't get passed 57 Trillion


    Things here maybe depending how big you draw and how fast you spin, I didn't draw any circle (I draw square fit that fits and follow the pattern) spin it hard manage to get a 620,532 power then blast it till it gets outside the world, and got 14,343,194,039 (it isn't a lie).

    I don't have any intention beating your score just having fun here :D


    Tenshi: 2,697,929
    Marisa: 8,782,086
    Yuka: 11,121,465


    Darn I got a higher score on Marisa than Tenshi... and Yuka's the lowest.
    67,157,008,413 mega tons M
    41,259,198,990 mega tons T
    15,232,323,123 Y


    MD5Ray01 said:
    Tenshi: 2,697,929
    Marisa: 8,782,086
    Yuka: 11,121,465

    New score for Yuka: 241,857,298


    T34/38 said:
    Darn I got a higher score on Marisa than Tenshi... and Yuka's the lowest.
    67,157,008,413 mega tons M
    41,259,198,990 mega tons T
    15,232,323,123 Y

    GOD My new score for Yuka: 82,129,064,744


    I only get around 7 billion with Tenshi.

    lily white

    Having dual monitors provides a massively unfair advantage to this game, because you can throw your cursor pretty hard and get spins in excess of 1500 with it.

    My current (cheapass dual monitor user) scores are as follows:
    Marisa - 3,864,227,675,711mt
    Yuuka - 3,486,563,998,361mt
    Tenshi - 7,340,136,055,281mt

    Triple Factorial

    I tried this left-handed (because I'm that myself) and on my first try I break my Marisa record after having been away from this game for 2 months:

    360,264,977,582 MEGA-tons - Marisa

    I think I'll be Sparking Southpaw for a while.


    huh, i never knew the earth sat on a 90' tilt...still very addicting game.


    249,604,584,503 with Marisa
    4,411,072,871,237 with Yuuka
    9,507,015,880,609 with Tenshi

    Yeah << cant seem to do marisa's well at all.

    Jigoku San

    28,458,237,735 with marisa.


    MD5Ray01 said:
    New score for Yuka: 241,857,298

    New Score for Tenshi: 469,804,085

    Shadow ryl

    i get 52,640,389,776 using yuka and destroy the erath .. i think lol


    someone can give me the name of the BG music? D:

    Akira Nikaido

    117,419,673,380 on my 3 try not bad


    WTF? How did I managed only 28 mega-ton?

    So far my best is 15,609,007,650.


    my favourite pc game


    Aha! Managed zero megatons with Marisa...
    First, draw a stinted, broken small triangle.
    Then, draw some tiny scribble outside of the triangle.

    If it worked, the second score should be 0%, netting you a zero megaton blast. :)


    3,600,432,570 is my highest score so far i think its an okay score for my 4th try though im going to give it another go


    omg 224.694.907.872 with marisa, juts a few minitues, i`ve no idea what i done too


    1,354,561,863,216 megaton

    over an trillion by marissa


    I don't understand this.. I had no idea what I was doing in my first try (just read the first comment once) and got 1,7 tri with marisa, now I'm doing it a lot better but can't get past 40 bi.


    500,009,757,049 with Tenshi.

    Poor Tenshi.


    41,240,711,665,764,800 with Tenshi :)


    486,151,554,574 megatones with marisa.


    forget that, i just got 15,341,029,731,706,214 megatons.

    protip, zoom out when doing the spin.



    5 Million on the exact dot. With Tenshi, in fact.


    I Got Scored A 14,597,620,982


    I Got Scored A 14,597,620,982


    i believe this belongs in the Overkill pool or something....


    I think I've found my new favorite game to play on a rainy day~


    Tenshin: IMMA FIRING MAH LAZER!!..
    ... Wait a second... OH SHI-!


    There's a simple way to cheat, actually...

    That way I got 1,565,692,474,236,473 with Tenshi. Without much effort when spinning, only when drawing.


    25,436207,418 MEGA-tons is my high score
    done with marisa.


    Lord_Enki said:
    how the ffff....

    Draw a really not circle at all squiggle as Yuuka then draw another squiggle then spin it as slow as possible and wait


    My record:
    10,218,611,610 Mt with Marisa.
    18,132,786,800 Mt with Yuuka.
    30,606,572,889 Mt with Tenshi.


    My current record:
    29,527,308,541 Mt with Marisa.
    38,147,077,954 Mt with Yuuka.
    41,629,752,690 Mt with Tenshi.


    I think I might do better at this if I had a mouse pad...I've played so many games that my mouse has completely worn out parts of my desk to the point that the mouse doesn't recognize movement sometimes...x_x


    too large score to enter in the screen xD


    25,171,841,889,649 w tenshi
    1,687,289,235,940 w marisa~ze


    Earlier in the comments, it was mentioned that someone got a score of one. I have gotten a score of zero. Yes, zero. Crap circle, and just another crap circle for the symbol (Yuuka's, in this case), and then only a speed of ~20.
    Incidentally, my highest score (also Yuuka, as it just so happens) is >300,000,000,000. Not the biggest on here by any means, but not horrible, IMO.