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hanamura yousuke, satonaka chie, tatsumi kanji, amagi yukiko, narukami yuu, and etc (persona 4 and etc) drawn by nasie
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    This was actually pretty scary considering I was reading it at 3am in the night, thought it was the RING alike scenario.

    Doesn't matter have many time you press the reset button she will still remember = nice boat.


    Well, if anyone in your group was going to go insane and start stabbing people in the dead of night, it would be Yukiko.


    I think Rise would be more inclinded at that personally, what with her senpai obession and all :p. Just cause Yukiko LOOKS like she would fit in a J-Horror movie doesn't mean she has the tendencies :p. Someone needs to read Kimi ni Todoke


    No, that's just it. Rise is too obsessed with Souji to bother with killing people. Yukiko seems the least stable of all the girls. Naoto would rather solve the murders and Chie wouldn't kill people, just beat them down.


    Basically, it makes fun of a players tendency of reseting the game if they screw up or going back to a previously saved file to avoid unwanted consequences of their choices.

    The problem? What happens if the character you trying to avoid pissing off, remembers everything that had happened and that you had hit the reset button, over and over again.

    All of them?

    That's freaking everyone out


    Translated that bubble in the last panel, but I don't know what the kanji in parentheses means.


    Thanks for the translation. I enjoyed it.

    Rengeki Storm

    Urrg, I've resetted a few times to get the more favourable scenes... I feel bad now.


    Donutholes said:
    Translated that bubble in the last panel, but I don't know what the kanji in parentheses means.

    Press F5 next time before you start (or open Note History in a new tab). There was already a note there.


    I did it as soon as I saw that it was untranslated. Can't really do much about it if two people did it at the same time.


    So is Yukiko supposed to be the one talking in the panel where she's just over Souji's shoulder? Because it seems like that may have been the intention, and that it would be more effective that way?


    Notes don't seem to show the time frame. I multi-tab often whenever I'm here, so he could have done them when I opened it, but still had yet to view it.

    I don't see the need to be so critical about this. It was just as easy for you to delete the bubble as it was for me to create it, was it not?


    This is brilliant.