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akiyama mio, hirasawa yui, and tainaka ritsu (k-on!) drawn by enokuma uuta
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    Evangeline A.K. McDowell

    Well, that was a chore to translate. I know I got all the guitarist names right, but I could use some translation check just in general.

    As for the comic, I'll just say that Mio loves her music...


    I'm with Mio - Satch is awesome.


    One note tweaked. Everything else is a thumbs-up. ._. b


    Curtain loli.

    Oh, I can imagine that.


    G3 and Satriani referenced in a Doujin one-off and suddenly I really want to actually watch this show. Is that strange?


    I almost expected her to say Johannes Krauser II...


    Lack of Jeff Waters saddens me, Mio.

    So should someone add the Slipknot tag? She mentioned James Root.