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barack obama, hillary clinton, and john mccain (pokemon, pokemon (game), pokemon rgby, and real life)
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    Dr Fine Rolo

    Needs a 'McCain writes an immigration bill with Kennedy! It's not very effective... The conservative base is running away!'


    This wins massively!


    this needs to be turned into a video with pokemon and election sound effects added in


    KuroKyosuke said:
    this needs to be turned into a video with pokemon and election sound effects added in

    seriously, this gif is too much win

    The Specialist

    wait, isn't there a still image of the first frame somewhere here, or am i just hallucinating?


    I think the Similar search would probably find it if there were.

    The Specialist

    never mind, i answered my own question.

    thought i think that KuroKyosuke has a good suggestion, and i will accept the man who can make this possible as my personal savior


    This. This is filled with EPIC WIN!




    Wow, just randomly came across this. It really takes me back to when I made it in '08...

    Maybe it needs a sequel where Obama evolves again into the Washington Establishment. (Sort of like Eggsecute with the heads of his insider and conservative advisers.) I appreciate the kind words of the commentors and that it was included in the pool. :)


    Red = Republican version
    Blue = Democrat version
    Green = Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, or Ralph Nader?


    I like how the Unown symbol is used for Obama.