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hiiragi kagami, hiiragi tsukasa, and izumi konata (lucky star)
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    This is sad, but I want more like it. Perhaps we should make a pool called "Everyone hates Konata"?


    Pool created. Emo Konata is my fetish.


    The pool's public, so feel free to edit whatever you don't like. I didn't intend to put all of mountain_pukuichi's stuff in this pool, but I thought I could throw in a couple to point people who were interested in the right direction.


    Pardon me asking but what's a 'fujoshi'?


    DarkSlushie said:
    Pardon me asking but what's a 'fujoshi'?

    A fujoshi.


    This is interesting and I want more...but what about her teacher?

    That and Konata still has Hiyori and Patricia (although they are in a different grade).


    That gives a new meaning to Lucky Star.

    Maybe the producers wanted this before and changed their mind radically halfway through...


    Aline said:
    You know, Konata should be like this if Lucky Star was about real life. Or she should bring a gun to school and do some school shooting, then, becoming an hero... Or something like that.

    That would be awesome, yet how would she become an hero..that's the question..

    Herr Oberst

    I still like you, Kona! Don't be so down, ok? :) Lots of people love you!


    See this, all you hardcore otaku who might be reading this? That's how your kind are treated in Japan. The Japanese don't like otaku. At all. Unless they're businesspeople who want to sell merchandise for pandering series like this one.

    Reality sucks, eh?


    Well, otaku are nerds. And nerds are looked down on in just about every culture. So it's to be expected.


    The "Die!" comments seem a bit excessive though


    BakaHoushi said:
    Well, otaku are nerds. And nerds are looked down on in just about every culture. So it's to be expected.

    True but in Japan where family honor is still held in high regards, nerds are looked down with greater disdain (see: NEETs)


    Basically, in Japan, like anywhere else, there are two kinds of nerds--the normal kind who get somewhere in life but are still never entirely accepted by society, and the ones who are just completely detached from reality and will never amount to anything. Otaku are the latter, and Japan hates them because they avoid work and relationships and everything else a normal human is supposed to do in favour of their hobby, usually anime and manga, which has become their life. In short, otaku are nerds who took their hobby way too far.


    In this case, it just sounds like she's being teased for liking animu, though.

    Oh, kids.


    This is breaking my heart...


    RaptorJesus said:
    In this case, it just sounds like she's being teased for liking animu, though.

    Oh, kids.

    She's being teased for being such a huge anime/manga otaku. This is how otaku are treated in Japan. They have no friends who aren't also otaku, they're viewed as the trash of society, and they're mercilessly teased in school for letting friggin' cartoons take over their life.

    Oh wait, that's just like it is in the west.


    damn...the true trash are the non-comprehensive people...im not that much fan to be an otaku but...i really hate that kind of people...why can they just die as much as they want otaku people dead ?



    I assume you meant uncompassionate?


    SindriAndBale said:
    So based on that, Konata is the productive type of nerd? I mean she does have a job, and she does go outside and hang around with her friends pretty damn frequently. What is this comic, some kind of bizarre alternate universe?

    Uh, did you not notice that even her job and daily social life need to revolve around anime? She works at a COSPLAY CAFE and makes endless references to otaku shit no one cares about in everyday conversation. She tries to apply anime archetypes to her friends. She's known to be obsessed with h-games. She sees herself as Haruhi Suzumiya's rival {granted, this is just a bullshit excuse for KyoAni to advertise their precious Mary Sue in every episode, but still}. She greatly prefers playing video games and watching anime over being active and keeping up on her studies. This is not normal or encouraged behaviour in Japan.

    This comic is showing that if Lucky Star took place in the real world, that magical land outside the imagination that no otaku ever seems to venture into, Konata would be friendless and looked down upon by society.


    RaptorJesus said:
    Hahaha, there goes the Mary Sue criticism again.

    The only Mary Sue comment I saw in this discussion was referring to Haruhi, not Konata. Am I missing something?



    Anyway, big difference: Otaku IS a nerd, but without the pride or less-than-negative connotations it has today. Think back when it actually MEANT an insult.

    Otherwise, carry on.


    It's still an insult in its country of origin. That's what alot of American fans who wear it like a badge of honour don't get. An otaku is an over-obsessed nerd with no interests outside their hobby who usually contributes little to nothing to society and very often has no social life unless their friends are also otaku or otherwise unpopular. Not a simple nerd or fanboy, AN OVER-OBSESSED HOBBYIST WITH NO LIFE. That's not what you should strive to be ANYWHERE, and THAT is why it's looked down upon in Japan, a country where people generally strive to be hard-working contributors to society. Imagine that, a country where hard work is encouraged instead of laziness!


    RaptorJesus said:

    Your doing it wrong.

    SindriAndBale said:
    Which in turn makes me look down on those people that make themselves seem superior to otakus/nerds/whatever you want to call them. I also notice you said "in japan", which makes me think that their heads are stuck too far up their own asses. You don't see nerds being treated like the dregs of society in the States. People stuck in traditional values and ideals of the past are too obstinate to ever accept anything different so we get shit like this comic happening. I think if I saw someone doing this to a nerd I'd probably punch them in the mouth.

    And this.

    Just because people have hobbies different from others [albeit the hobby takes over the person's life completely] doesn't give them the right to treat them horribly :|.

    And in the last panel I wanted to hug her.


    Aww, I hate to see her cry. I'D date her.


    What else do you call a girl who gets everything she wants without question and is made out to seem like a great person despite clearly being terrible?


    TheSwedishElf said:
    No, you're just a fucking idiot who thinks there's no such thing as an anime fan who isn't an out-of-shape shut-in who lets their hobby run their life. And apparently you think you're witty, using a phrase that was around when my mom was a kid to try and pwn someone because you're scared to admit you're wrong.

    Way to go to call other people idiots. *Sigh.* Get yourself a life, man.


    ...and then the anime lucky star was born.


    Those mentioning the supposed difference between "Japanese otaku" and simple "Japanese nerds" are ignoring that kids do not have the choice of clarifying the depth of their affection for their hobby when they are being bullied. Bullies do not need valid justification for their behaviour. You are "an otaku" if you are labeled as such, and will be treated as trash based solely on that labeling. The only requirement for this is that you are observed to like nerdy things more than your peers.

    It should also be pointed out that no one in school is, by definition, a NEET, and that NEET and otaku are unrelated terms.