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2girls animal_ears bad_end blush bow braid cat_ears cat_tail death doll floating_skull hair_bow hat kaenbyou_rin multiple_girls multiple_tails myama orange_hair red_eyes red_hair ribbon sad shanghai_doll tail tears thigh_ribbon touhou translated twin_braids wheelbarrow witch_hat |_|
2girls braid comic duplicate kaenbyou_rin multiple_girls myama shanghai_doll touhou translated twin_braids
! ... 1girl alice_margatroid bad_end blonde_hair blue_eyes bow capelet comic grin hair_bow hairband heavy_breathing kaenbyou_rin kaenbyou_rin_(cat) kirisame_marisa myama one_eye_closed screaming shanghai_doll smile touhou translated
kaenbyou rin and shanghai doll (touhou) drawn by myama
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    we need a translation for this to read maybe what happened...

    darth tohru

    Thanks for the translation.


    How sad...

    MD Anonymous

    Marisa lost a (non-lethal) danmaku duel and is being melodramatic about it.


    Shanghai fwipping around like that is what gets to me the most. :(


    I prefer Anon #2's interpretation, Rin's expression really fits


    KaitoDies said:
    Shanghai fwipping around like that is what gets to me the most. :(

    God, yes, that really hit me hard too.


    Shanghai expression is so damn sad, as well as poor Marisa, but Shanghai takes the cake.

    Nameless Fairy

    Couldn't beat Orin, huh? Don't worry, you're not alone. I, for one, am with you.


    The worst part of all is, Orin's the one who basically lured Marisa there! She wanted strong people to show up to help her stop Utsuho's crazy plan but she ended up killing someone... bringing the doll back to Alice was the least she could do!