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1girl arch blue_eyes blue_hair bow bowtie bridal_gauntlets city cloud day fantasy from_below hand_on_headwear hat hat_feather highres lee_(saraki) long_hair looking_at_viewer miniskirt one_knee original outdoors railing ribbon saraki shade signature skirt sky smile solo
1girl arm_up black_capelet black_footwear black_hat black_jacket black_skirt blue_eyes blue_hair blue_sky bridal_gauntlets building capelet cloud cloudy_sky commentary day dutch_angle green_legwear hat high_heels highres jacket lee_(saraki) long_hair long_sleeves original outdoors over-kneehighs pier pigeon-toed plaid plaid_legwear pleated_skirt saraki shirt signature skirt sky solo standing thighhighs tower white_shirt wind
1girl bangs blue_eyes brown_capelet brown_hat brown_jacket chain commentary flower hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip half-closed_eyes hat hat_feather hat_flower hat_removed headwear_removed heart heart_hair_ornament highres jacket lee_(saraki) long_hair long_sleeves original saraki shirt signature silver_hair sitting sleepy solo very_long_hair white_feathers white_flower white_shirt
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lee (original) drawn by saraki

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