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4girls absurdres alice_margatroid bad_end bad_id bad_pixiv_id blonde_hair blue_hair clothes_writing comic expressive_clothes failure food fruit hat highres hinanawi_tenshi hug kirisame_marisa lightning long_hair long_image multiple_girls myama nagae_iku peach petting purple_hair ribbon saturday_night_fever short_hair tall_image touhou translated yuri ze_(phrase)
! 2girls 4koma alice_margatroid blonde_hair blush comic hug kirisame_marisa multiple_girls myama petting touhou translated ze_(phrase)
alice margatroid and kirisame marisa (touhou) drawn by myama
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    So there is a future after all =]


    This is an excellent example of where I would like to see all sound effects translated. ^^

    Lord Enki


    Lord Enki

    ...Alice ate the precious hat...


    Lord_Enki said:
    ...Alice ate the precious hat...

    Nope. Look closely at the third panel, Marisa lunged so quickly, her hat fell off.