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katyusha and nonna (girls und panzer) drawn by nogami takeshi
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    I've annotated some of the tanks, but not all of them. Vehicle request on both the ones I marked and didn't mark. Annotation request on all of the unannotated ones.

    The scene on the bottom in particular looks like the final scene of the Pravda match, especially since the 38(t) is acting in the role as the flag tank. I know that the Panzer IV went with them, and I believe the Type 89 as well, but which of the two remaining tanks are they?. Probably need to go back and watch the anime again. The Stug III stayed back and got the kill shot, so I'm pretty sure it's the one in the lower left corner.

    Updated by BrokenEagle98


    Confirming the StuG III, M3 Lee, KV-2, and the T-34. The very top left tank is a T-34/76. The marked 38(t) is incorrect, it is actually the Type 89 due to it being the flag tank back in the anime. I believe the tank on the far right of Katyusha's commander hatch is the 38(t) though it is difficult to distinguish due to the turret not being shown.


    Having watched that episode again I redid the above annotations. The Panzer IV is running vanguard with the Stug III as the right flank, and the Type 89 I-Gou in the center as the flag tank. So the Stug III actually appears twice in this image.


    FYI: In German sturmgeschutz is written with an umlaut: Sturmgeschütz. In German you can also write Sturmgeschuetz, if your keyboard doesn't contain umlauts.