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5girls >_< absurdres akemi_homura balkenkreuz black_hairband blonde_hair blood blue_eyes blue_hair blurry bolt_action boots canteen captain_john_h._miller closed_eyes comic commentary_request crosshair cup death depth_of_field drill_hair english explosive firing gaiters grenade ground_vehicle gun hair_ornament hairband hairclip hat helmet highres k-ration kaname_madoka knife kyubey left-handed load_bearing_equipment long_hair m1903_springfield m1918_bar m1919 m1_garand m1_helmet machine_gun mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mauser_98 mg42 miki_sayaka military military_hat military_uniform military_vehicle motor_vehicle mp40 multiple_girls multiple_persona open_mouth panzerschreck parody peaked_cap pink_hair purple_eyes rations rifle rocket_launcher sakura_kyouko saucer saving_private_ryan scope shingyouji_tatsuya short_hair short_twintails sitting sling smile sniper_rifle speech_bubble spoilers stahlhelm stick_figure submachine_gun sweat tank teacup thompson_submachine_gun tiger_i tomoe_mami totenkopf translated twin_drills twintails uniform waffen-ss war wariza weapon wehrmacht world_war_ii
6+girls action aiming akemi_homura all_fours backpack bag black_hair blonde_hair blood blood_stain bloody_clothes blue_hair bolt_action border brick_wall browning_automatic_rifle bullet captain_john_h._miller car city closed_eyes comic commentary cross cross_necklace dirty_face dog_tags drill_hair entrenching_tool gaiters green_hair ground_vehicle gun handgun helmet highres holster injury jewelry kiss kneeling latin_cross load_bearing_equipment long_hair looking_at_another looking_to_the_side lying m1903_springfield m1911 m1_carbine m1_helmet mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica miki_sayaka military military_uniform momoe_nagisa motor_vehicle multiple_girls necklace on_back open_mouth parody pink_hair pistol rain red_cross rifle ripples road sakura_kyouko saving_private_ryan scope shingyouji_tatsuya shizuki_hitomi short_hair shouting shovel sitting sling sniper sniper_rifle soldier street submachine_gun sweatdrop thompson_submachine_gun tomoe_mami tower twin_drills uniform wall war water water_drop weapon world_war_ii
1girl action aiming akemi_homura backpack bag black_eyes black_hair blood blood_splatter bolt_action border brick_wall broken_glass comic commentary crosshair death debris dirty_face firing german glass gun headshot helmet highres kyubey long_hair m1903_springfield m1_helmet mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica mauser_98 military military_uniform parody pink_hair rain red_eyes rifle saving_private_ryan serious shingyouji_tatsuya sniper sniper_rifle soldier surprised uniform waffen-ss wagon wall war water_drop weapon wehrmacht world_war_ii
1girl barricade blood captain_john_h._miller commentary_request corpse dirty gun handgun headwear_removed helmet helmet_removed holster m1_garand m1_helmet mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica military military_uniform multiple_boys omaha_beach parody pistol rifle saving_private_ryan shingyouji_tatsuya shore soldier submachine_gun thompson_submachine_gun tomoe_mami uniform water weapon wet world_war_ii
akemi homura, captain john h. miller, miki sayaka, momoe nagisa, sakura kyouko, and others (mahou shoujo madoka magica and saving private ryan) drawn by shingyouji tatsuya

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  • プライベート・ホムライアン2

    Private Homu-Ryan 2

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    I think that's Nagisa as the medic.