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madcat and vulture (battletech) drawn by anthony scroggins (shimmering sword)

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  • Battletech - TRO 3145 Mercenaries

    Technical Readout 3145: Mercenaries was released a few days ago alongside Era Report 3145, which was quite a surprise as there was no advance announcement for it. Matt Plog handled all the interior art, which he did a great job on, there's even a baby power armor Marauder in there :D (Big Grin)
    My part was handling the cover art, and while I've done a BT cover before, this time I knew it ahead of time so I made sure to put in the extra effort.

    A Wolf's Dragoons Mad Cat mkIV and Vulture mkIV rush out of the city they're defending to engage the enemy. The pair are armed with a mixture of ER Particle Projector Cannons, Streak Short Range Missiles, Small Pulse Lasers, and an Ultra Auto Cannon.

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