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!? 3girls alice_margatroid apron ascot blonde_hair blue_eyes bob_cut bow capelet chair cheating comic commentary constricted_pupils emphasis_lines hair_bow hat headband highres kirisame_marisa kiss maria_la_del_barrio mefomefo mob_cap motion_lines multiple_girls parody patchouli_knowledge screaming shocked_eyes short_hair shoulder_grab sitting soap_opera soraya_montenegro spanish surprised sweat touhou waist_apron wavy_hair witch_hat yuri
! 2girls alice_margatroid ascot blonde_hair blue_dress capelet clenched_teeth dress furious hair_bobbles hair_ornament headband hitting maria_la_del_barrio mefomefo motion_lines multiple_girls no_eyes open_mouth parody pushing_away red_dress shaded_face shinki soap_opera soraya_montenegro spanish teeth touhou touhou_(pc-98) white_hair
2girls alice_margatroid anger_vein angry arms_up ascot black_hair blue_dress bow brown_hair capelet closed_eyes constricted_pupils detached_sleeves dress frown hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu headband jitome maria_la_del_barrio mefomefo multiple_girls ofuda open_mouth parody red_dress rejection short_hair soap_opera soraya_montenegro spanish touhou
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alice margatroid, hakurei reimu, and soraya montenegro (maria la del barrio and touhou) drawn by mefomefo
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    I'm not sure if the same definition applies in English, but a "marginal" is a person who has been left "marginalized" from society, like those in extreme poverty and are neglected by the government.

    There is also a more literal interpretation of it considering that the extremely poor might often build their hovels on the "margins" of a body of water unattractive for development and that might be prone to floods/landslides. Also, since bridges are often built over rivers, homeless people will live under the bridges, making themselves "marginal" dwellers.

    The same applies for the sides of highways, where it is often illegal to settle, but that impoverished people might do so because it is the only unoccupied place where they can live (illegally) close to an urban area.