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1girl after_sex ashigara_(kantai_collection) ass_visible_through_thighs bangs black_skirt blush breasts brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt cowboy_shot cum cum_in_pussy cumdrip cumdrip_onto_panties dress_shirt feet_out_of_frame hairband highres ikarin kantai_collection large_breasts lifted_by_self long_sleeves looking_at_viewer miniskirt nipples no_bra open_mouth panties panty_pull pencil_skirt pink_panties pubic_hair pussy pussy_juice shirt skirt skirt_lift solo thigh_gap thighhighs transparent_background underwear white_legwear white_shirt wrinkles
1girl areolae ashigara_(kantai_collection) ass_visible_through_thighs bangs blush breasts breasts_outside brown_eyes brown_hair brown_pubic_hair brown_skirt commentary_request dress_shirt feet_out_of_frame flashing hairband hand_on_own_chest highres ikarin inverted_nipples kantai_collection large_breasts lifted_by_self long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mature multiple_views navel nervous_smile nipples no_bra nude office_lady open_mouth panties panty_pull partial_commentary pencil_skirt pink_panties pubic_hair pussy_juice ribbon shirt shirt_lift skirt skirt_lift standing thighhighs transparent_background underwear undressing white_legwear white_panties white_shirt
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ashigara (kantai collection) drawn by ikarin

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