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uss enterprise ncc-1701, serenity, millenium falcon, raideen, wade owen watts, and etc (mobile suit gundam the origin and etc) drawn by sharksden

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  • Ready Player One

    The science fiction novel by Ernest Cline. wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ready_Player_One

    Fantastic Crossover Ultimate BattleLa la la la almost got madness in drawing thisLa la la la


    It‘s illustrated for its second half of the Chinese translation, not really fanart but I really enjoy on it. Sure I read the whole novel, it's a high quality of translation and creatively converted the geeks dialogue into the corresponding Chinese words, Currently in SF webs readers has gave positive feedback and high rating for this novel.

    It will be adapted into a movie? PLEASE!!!Love


    2014 has coming~Happy 2014! Wish you all progress in art skill and everything in the New year!

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    Shame they couldn’t get Ultraman into the movie.🙁


    NexusLight2004 said:

    Shame they couldn’t get Ultraman into the movie.🙁

    He's getting his own movie anyways.