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6+girls >_< amatsukaze_(kantai_collection) animal_costume animal_ears animal_hat animal_print banana bangs blunt_bangs bone book bow braid brown_hair bunny_costume bunny_hat carrot chicken_costume chinese_clothes chinese_zodiac closed_eyes coca-cola commentary dog_costume dog_ears dragon_costume drinking eating egyptian_clothes food food_on_face fruit green_eyes grey_hair hair_flaps hair_ornament hair_tubes hand_on_own_cheek hat hatsuzuki_(kantai_collection) holding holding_food horns horse_costume hyuuga_(kantai_collection) jun'you_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kongou_(kantai_collection) long_hair monkey_costume monkey_tail mouse_costume mouse_ears multiple_girls mutsu_(kantai_collection) nenohi_(kantai_collection) open_mouth outstretched_arm parody parted_bangs pink_hair puchimasu! purple_eyes purple_hair sheep_costume sheep_horns short_hair smile snake_hair_ornament style_parody tail tatsuta_(kantai_collection) tiger_costume tiger_ears tiger_print tokitsukaze_(kantai_collection) translated unryuu_(kantai_collection) uzuki_(kantai_collection) yamagumo_(kantai_collection) yellow_eyes yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_costume animal_ears bangs braid chinese_zodiac closed_eyes eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair kantai_collection lowres mouse_costume mouse_ears mouse_tail nenohi_(kantai_collection) open_mouth pink_hair puchimasu! sidelocks simple_background smile solo tail translated whiskers year_of_the_rat yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl all_fours anchor_print animal_costume bandana bangs brown_hair chinese_zodiac closed_eyes cow_costume cow_tail hachimaki hair_flaps hairband hatsuzuki_(kantai_collection) headband kantai_collection lowres open_mouth puchimasu! solo tail translated triangle_mouth year_of_the_ox yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl amatsukaze_(kantai_collection) angry animal_costume animal_ears animal_print blonde_hair chinese_zodiac fangs hair_tubes kantai_collection lowres open_mouth scarf solo tail tiger_costume tiger_ears tiger_print tiger_tail translated two_side_up year_of_the_tiger yellow_eyes yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl >_< ahoge animal_costume animal_hat blush_stickers bunny_costume bunny_hat bunny_tail chinese_zodiac closed_eyes crescent crescent_hair_ornament hair_ornament hand_on_own_cheek hat kantai_collection long_hair lowres pink_hair puchimasu! sidelocks simple_background smile solo tail translated uzuki_(kantai_collection) very_long_hair year_of_the_rabbit yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_costume blonde_hair braid breathing_fire chinese_clothes chinese_zodiac dragon_costume dragon_hat dragon_horns dragon_tail eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fire green_eyes horns kantai_collection panties pantyshot pantyshot_(standing) puchimasu! sharp_teeth short_sleeves solo spiked_hair standing tail teeth translated underwear unryuu_(kantai_collection) year_of_the_dragon yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl anklet bangs chinese_zodiac egyptian_clothes hair_ornament hair_tubes holding holding_staff jewelry kantai_collection lowres open_mouth parted_bangs puchimasu! purple_eyes purple_hair short_hair simple_background snake_hair_ornament solo staff tatsuta_(kantai_collection) translated uraeus year_of_the_snake yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_costume bangs blush_stickers brown_hair carrot chinese_zodiac eating food food_on_face green_eyes holding holding_food horse_costume horse_tail kantai_collection mutsu_(kantai_collection) open_mouth puchimasu! short_hair sidelocks simple_background solo tail translated year_of_the_horse yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_costume bell bell_collar chinese_zodiac closed_eyes collar grey_hair hair_ribbon hairband horns kantai_collection lowres open_mouth puchimasu! ribbon sheep_costume sheep_horns simple_background solo translated triangle_mouth yamagumo_(kantai_collection) year_of_the_goat yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_costume animal_ears bangs brown_eyes brown_hair chinese_zodiac eating food food_on_face holding holding_food hyuuga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection monkey_costume monkey_ears monkey_tail open_mouth puchimasu! short_hair simple_background solo tail translated year_of_the_monkey yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl bangs bottle chicken_costume chicken_hat chinese_zodiac closed_eyes coca-cola drooling holding holding_bottle jun'you_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection lowres open_mouth parted_bangs purple_hair simple_background solo spiked_hair translated year_of_the_rooster yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl anchor animal_costume animal_ears bangs black_hair blush_stickers bone chinese_zodiac closed_eyes collar dog_collar dog_costume dog_ears dog_tail kantai_collection mouth_hold multicolored_hair sidelocks simple_background sitting smile solo tail tokitsukaze_(kantai_collection) translated white_hair year_of_the_dog yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
1girl animal_hat bangs blunt_bangs brown_eyes brown_hair chinese_zodiac double_bun grey_eyes hat kantai_collection kongou_(kantai_collection) long_hair lowres open_mouth outstretched_arm pig_costume puchimasu! sidelocks simple_background smile solo translated year_of_the_pig yuureidoushi_(yuurei6214)
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amatsukaze, hatsuzuki, hyuuga, jun'you, kongou, and others (kantai collection and puchimasu!) drawn by yuureidoushi (yuurei6214)

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  • ぷちこれ!干支ぷち


    Puchi-Colle! Zodiac Puchis

    I've been wanting to draw this forever! I was thinking I'd draw a zodiac someday, but time just flew by.

    Please feel free to use these as icons!

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    Note that the Chinese and Japanese systems of the animals/earthly stems/whatever your local equivalent is differ in some places.


    A glorious collection.


    Paracite said:

    Note that the Chinese and Japanese systems of the animals/earthly stems/whatever your local equivalent is differ in some places.

    They both have the same animals in the same order. Not that surprising because the Japanese 干支 is derived from the Chinese Zodiac (十二生肖) and the traditional Chinese time measurement unit Shi Chen(时辰).
    Here is the story in case if anyone's interested.


    OMGkillitwithfire said:

    They both have the same animals in the same order.

    Not exactly the same; it's sheep instead of goat, and wild boar instead of pig.

    And it cycles on Jan 1 in Japan, rather than whenever the Chinese New Year was that year.

    I believe that other counties has similar differences. It's nothing major, but it's not a carbon-copy either.


    It's still the same date, relative to the calendar's New Year.
    And didn't the Japanese also use Chinese calendar before Emperor decided they should use European calendar to join the future ?


    Seika said:

    It's still the same date, relative to the calendar's New Year.
    And didn't the Japanese also use Chinese calendar before Emperor decided they should use European calendar to join the future ?

    Well, they used various version of the Chinese one (initially coming via Korea), until they made their own indigenous, apparently more accurate calendar in the 17th century (it was off by a couple days at that point). The printed calendars for these ranged from ones that just told you which months were long and short (and only that) to much more complicated ones for administrative and religious use. The long/short ones got pretty artistic too, since the information density was so low that you could be quite creative with the presentation.

    The Meiji administration did switch over to the Western calendar, though.


    Could someone explain some of the choices?

    Tatsuta isn't the "tatsu", but the snake, and wears an outfit themed around Egypt, for example, even though I don't remember anything like that having to do with her character. Same goes for Amatsukaze, Mutsu, Hyuuga, and Kongou.