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2girls chopsticks dendrobium_schema eating food freezer gundam gundam_0083 hexagon konpaku_youmu kooribata microwave multiple_girls noodles parody road_sign saigyouji_yuyuko saigyouji_yuyuko's_fan_design sankuma shippou_(pattern) sign soba touhou washing_machine
6+girls alice_margatroid blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush brown_hair chibi closed_eyes dendrobium_schema gundam gundam_0083 hairband hat hourai_doll isometric konpaku_youmu kooribata lily_white lunasa_prismriver lyrica_prismriver mecha merlin_prismriver multiple_girls pink_eyes pink_hair road_sign saigyouji_yuyuko saigyouji_yuyuko's_fan_design sankuma shanghai_doll short_hair sign smile touhou triangular_headpiece visor yellow_eyes
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konpaku youmu and saigyouji yuyuko (gundam, gundam 0083, and touhou) drawn by sankuma
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    Am I the only guy that lol'd at the Nitori Electronics logo on the side?


    this is all kinds of awesome and clever


    I can't tell if Youmu's in her own little home area or a secret weapons compartment...


    That reminds me of that ramen barge from Fifth Element.


    Futuristic, flying noodle bar.


    ForteMP3 said:
    Am I the only guy that lol'd at the Nitori Electronics logo on the side?

    Anaheim's got nothing on this.


    Dammit! you made yuyuko harder... this time SHE WILL FCKING DODGE YOUR DANMAKU!!! while eating some noodles or any kind of food...


    Could this go in the "What do you mean, it's not awesome?" pool?


    i see one of yukari's sign posts from SWR on the mecha's far right side..


    The big railgun or laser cannon or whatever it was has been replaced with a utility pole as well.

    Lord Enki

    the missile bays have been replaced by refrigerators, a washer, various cabinets, etc etc.

    That's not a weapon... that's a mobile home.

    Black Fox

    Yukari's missing a sign...


    Lord_Enki said:
    That's not a weapon... that's a mobile home.

    I see what you did there.
    Also, is it wrong if I want one (complete with gardener)?

    Zhuo Xing

    Did the Ghost Team stole the Eel Stand from Mystia?