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artoria pendragon, fujimaru ritsuka, olga marie animusphere, and saber (fate/grand order and fate (series)) drawn by riyo (lyomsnpmp)

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  • みんな大好き!? 聖晶石召喚!

    マッシュ:「さらに、8/31のアップデートから★3以上のサーヴァント一騎の召喚が確定になるようですね、所長。 マシュ」
    オルガ:「その他キャンペーンについての詳細は お知らせ を見ることね。」

    Everyone's Favorite!? Saint Quartz Summon!

    Olga: "(I wonder if this girl is all right...) By the way, you can spend 40 Saint Quartz to summon 10 times in a row, the so called 10 Gacha Roll feature is also available in this game. This guarantees a 4★ card or higher, so you get a much better
    rate compared to using 4 Saint Quartz to conduct a single summon.
    Mashu: "Director, the 8/31 update now guarantees another 3★ Servant or higher to be summoned."
    Olga: "Check this announcement for more details about the event."

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    I understand this symptom well form Chain Chronicles and Summoners War and many others