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alice margatroid, kirisame marisa, hakurei reimu, kitashirakawa chiyuri, konpaku youmu, and etc (touhou (pc-98) and etc) drawn by toto nemigi
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    MD Anonymous

    My...god o.o someone wanna do a translation on this baby?

    MD Anonymous

    I understand that. I don't recongnise most of those characters :P (though I do see a few Touhou characters in there)

    MD Anonymous

    Ah. In that case, I must echo your request. In the meantime, though, I did do some of the non-kanji names.

    MD Anonymous

    Hey, don't overlook this anonymous person's translations!

    MD Anonymous

    Ehh, so it was you, then? If so, my apologies.

    MD Anonymous

    I'm done all I've can now. The rest is up for grabs.

    MD Anonymous

    Thank you muchly for your contribution ^_^

    MD Anonymous

    clicking on the question mark beside the tags listed on the left takes you to a wiki entry of the tag - Try that.


    I've translated the remaining ones, but it'd be good if someone who actually has a clue about Touhou checked them for traces of making sense. The ones I have done are:

    Lower row:

    • Flower (?) Tank (the platform thing). "Flower" (furowa~) would be usually written in katakana, but here nothing else really fits (this is not to say that flower does :), so I guessed it's just written in hiragana for kicks.
    • Anonymous bookworm youkai (Tokiko) (slightly to the left of the platform's label) No amount of searching on Touhou-related sites gives anything about Tokiko, so I just went with the only reading for kanji in enamdict.
    • Hoshizako (the star-shaped thingy). "zako" is not a word, as far as I can tell, so I left it untranslated. Hoshi means star, though.

    Upper row:

    • Windmill. Here I'm quite sure, fortunately :)

    MD Anonymous

    Zako means "trash" and is generally given to characters whom, as a whole, are nothing more than generic enemies or were never named in the first place.

    MD Anonymous

    Tokiko is correct. Surprising you couldn't find it anywhere, I had the impression it was a fairly common fan-name.

    MD Anonymous

    Was this page vandalized? It used to have a lot more notes then this.


    Shanghai but no Hourai?


    MD said:
    Shanghai but no Hourai?

    Bringing up a two year old post for this?

    user 110822

    Bansho said:
    nobody (except maybe ZUN) knows what Hourai looks like...

    You never played SWR, have you...


    I see no Suika...


    Zoham said:
    I see no Suika...

    I found Wally!


    YuugenMaagen is missing :<