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artoria pendragon and saber (fate/stay night and etc) drawn by a1
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    MD Anonymous

    Saber playing Video Games. This is priceless. I wonder what type of games she would like?

    MD Anonymous

    comment #8114

    Dating games. On her TV screen is an unshaven japanese man with horrible acne. Saber has constucted a shrine for him, complete with enbroidery on her TV set. She has a seperate plate of foot infront of the set so that her "guest" can share a meal with her.

    It's actually quite creepy.


    Games where you eat food. Kirby or something.

    MD Anonymous

    She's obviously playing Fate/hollow ataraxia.


    I guess it's fate for her to stay up at night.


    this time she will win the holy gral for sure. xd!