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akiyama yukari, isuzu hana, nishizumi maho, nishizumi miho, takebe saori, and others (girls und panzer, jin roh, and my-otome) drawn by nanashiro gorou
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    Love goddess Saori says something profound?

    Updated by ithekro


    "Mine is serious"
    That's our Hana!! Please, never change!


    Added seiyuu connection due to Tanaka Rie voicing both Nishizumi Maho and Tomoe Marguerite, who wears a similar expression in the series.


    poor akiyama, still shivering in the midst of moe atmosphere


    I can understand Yukari, facing death is not what normal high school girls are trained to do (even with tankery, it's basically a sport in the GuP world, with utmost care being taken so that participants ain't injured, "Tankery is not war", after all), and even trained and seasoned soldiers have problems with that.
    Probably (pure and utter speculation on my part, disregard it, if you wanna) the really "military" training as opposed to the sport tankery comes after school and is only for adults.

    Edit: By Hana's remark, I added the 'yuri' tag (Hana basically professed her romantic love to another girl, I think, that counts).