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asagiri mai, asagiri tatsuya, feena fam earthlight, hozumi sayaka, mia clementis, and others (yoake mae yori ruri iro na)
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    So many times of seeing this, and I still can't believe a studio would really be so blatantly lazy in their drawing.


    Im confused. Is this from the same anime? O_o


    This is what happens when you farm your work out to overseas studios.


    Wow, did they practically redraw the whole show? I'd say that hurt their budget far more than what they tried to save, but ... from the looks of it the first attempt was done with no budget at all.


    Gentlemen, I am convinced.

    All anime must now be produced two months before the episodes actually air. Or maybe three.

    Tsuki no Sakura

    I dunno but somehow it hurts to compare...

    user 170235

    I dunno, I liked it better as it was before.