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bulbasaur and kazami yuuka (pokemon and touhou) drawn by mattari yufi
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    So tempted to try a variation of the "Bugs Pollinate Flowers" meme.


    A facehugger!

    Zero 00

    Mamizou said:
    A facehugger!

    idk is bulbasaur stuffing it's wiggly bits in her mouth if it is male that is


    ... So, basically, bulbasaur is a cat.

    "Why are you squirming so much? Your face and throat are sooo~ waaarm~ so let me sleep on them!"

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    Mamizou said:
    A facehugger!

    ...cannot unseee, dammit.

    *Claws his eyes out*


    Tetsamaru said:
    Ya, just gonna set this right here.
    post #978289

    Yeah Kinda saw that one coming.