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4boys 6+girls akazawa_izumi another ass black_hair book brown_hair classroom desk eyepatch legs long_hair misaki_mei mooning multiple_boys multiple_girls parody ponytail red_eyes sakakibara_kouichi school_uniform shirt short_hair socks twintails yamashita_bungo
3girls 6+boys adjusting_eyewear akazawa_izumi another black_hair blue_hair blush book bottomless brown_hair censored classroom desk glasses hair_ribbon kazami_tomohiko legs long_hair mechanical_pencil multiple_boys multiple_girls parody pen pencil pink_eyes red_eyes ribbon sakakibara_kouichi school_desk school_uniform shirt sweatdrop translated twintails wavy_mouth yamashita_bungo
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akazawa izumi, kazami tomohiko, and sakakibara kouichi (another) drawn by yamashita bungo
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    Even though Izumi is the head of countermeasures, Kouichi is making her rue the day of making him non-existant.


    Yeeees...About time someone did this xD


    Lol... this isn't easy for Izumi. XD


    Laugh all you want, but this likely caused 2 students to die from laughter.


    this is what I would have done as soon as they started ignoring me