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3girls animal_ears arms_up blush cat_ears cat_tail chimney comic double_bun dragon gable_roof gloves greyscale heart house ibaraki_kasen ichimi kemonomimi_mode monochrome mouse_ears mouse_tail multiple_girls nazrin paw_gloves paws riding shirt short_hair skirt tail tatara_kogasa touhou translated vest
... 3girls animal_ears blush capelet censored closed_eyes comic desk flower greyscale hair_flower hair_ornament hieda_no_akyuu ichimi monochrome mouse_ears multiple_girls nazrin open_mouth short_hair sleeping smile surprised tatara_kogasa touhou translated zzz
hieda no akyuu, nazrin, and tatara kogasa (touhou) drawn by ichimi
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    That's not the sort of thing you show to kids, Akyuu!


    Mastine said:
    wait. she's the 13th reincarnation right? shouldn't she know already what it's like?

    Isn't she the 9th? hence the name Akyuu?


    Tch! Cat Kogasa only one page...That piss me off. But sexually eaten is great...It's Ichimi after all!


    So whe does the movie comes out?


    Akyuu's face in the last panel makes me think of Nodoka from Negima. Now I'm imagining her speaking with the voice of Mamiko Noto.


    So is this part of KogaNazu Komix?


    redblueandgray said:
    So is this part of KogaNazu Komix?

    Nope, seems like a new series, but the lack of more images disturbs me.


    I likes this Akyuu