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Collection: Portrayed

Very classic and elegant portraits of characters embodying dignity, beauty or something to that effect.
The picture should awake the impression of a painting.

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1girl adapted_costume bat_wings blue_hair cane closed_mouth curly_hair dress egawa_satsuki embellished_costume feet_out_of_frame frills gathers hat highres lace lavender_hair lips pose red_eyes remilia_scarlet shadow short_hair slit_pupils solo standing touhou vampire wings
1girl blonde_hair dress egawa_satsuki flandre_scarlet hat highres lips mob_cap petticoat red_dress red_eyes short_hair side_ponytail sitting solo touhou wings
1girl absurdres breasts cleavage flower hair_bobbles hair_ornament highres large_breasts lips null_(hakugenya) onozuka_komachi red_eyes red_hair solo spider_lily touhou
1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id bow braid cofepig front_ponytail green_hair hair_bow hair_ribbon highres kagiyama_hina large_bow long_hair red_eyes ribbon sitting solo touhou
1girl apple ass backlighting blue_hair blurry breasts chenkiyui depth_of_field flower food fruit izayoi_sakuya lamp lips lying maid maid_headdress medium_breasts no_outlines nude on_stomach petals pillow realistic rose solo touhou
1girl bat_wings collarbone dress egawa_satsuki embellished_costume frills hat highres lips long_sleeves mob_cap petticoat pink_dress puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes remilia_scarlet short_hair solo touhou wings
1girl absurdres beatrice blonde_hair blue_eyes bow dress ekusa_takahito feet_out_of_frame frame highres legend_of_the_golden_witch official_art painting_(object) pink_bow solo umineko_no_naku_koro_ni
1girl beret blonde_hair breasts chair cleavage cloud dress elbow_gloves frame frills full_body gloves hat high_heels highres lambdadelta large_breasts looking_at_viewer orange_eyes painting_(object) pearl pink_dress pink_hat portrait_(object) pumpkin red_eyes ribbon rouge_(artist) short_hair sitting sky smile solo umineko_no_naku_koro_ni
1boy blue_eyes cape chair chin_rest cloak dawn_of_the_golden_witch ekusa_takahito feet_out_of_frame formal frame jacket male_focus manly necktie official_art painting_(object) red_hair sitting solo umineko_no_naku_koro_ni ushiromiya_battler
1girl apron brown_eyes brown_hair emma_(victorian_romance_emma) flower glasses hair_bun lily_(flower) maid maid_headdress mikazuki_akira! solo victorian victorian_romance_emma
1girl arm_guards armor axis_powers_hetalia bangs blonde_hair breasts dress flower green_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hungary_(hetalia) large_breasts lips long_hair lotus_(elico) md5_mismatch night pants puffy_sleeves realistic serious skirt solo swept_bangs sword uniform weapon
1girl bat_wings breasts face fingernails flower hands long_fingernails medium_breasts nail_polish navel nipples nude pale_skin pussy remilia_scarlet ria ribs rose short_hair solo touhou wings
1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id barefoot brown_eyes censored cloth convenient_arm convenient_censoring empty_eyes feet grass kuyama516 nature nude outdoors red_eyes reiuji_utsuho sitting soaking_feet solo touhou tree water wings
1girl animal_ears apple barefoot barrel bed_sheet belly breasts brown_hair carpet carrot cup faux_traditional_media food fruit highres holding holding_fruit holo long_hair mug naked_sheet navel nipples nude open_mouth pear pubic_hair pussy realistic red_eyes sheet_grab simosi small_breasts solo spice_and_wolf stomach tail thighs waist wolf_ears wolf_girl wolf_tail
2girls animal_print ass bat_print bat_wings breasts bridal_gauntlets chaise_longue chong_feigiap demon_girl elbow_gloves faux_traditional_media fingerless_gloves gloves green_hair head_wings highres leotard lilith_aensland medium_breasts morrigan_aensland multiple_girls pantyhose print_legwear purple_hair realistic red_eyes short_hair succubus vampire_(game) wings yuri
1girl absurdres banquet_of_the_golden_witch blue_eyes dress ekusa_takahito elbow_gloves eva_beatrice feet_out_of_frame flower frame frilled_dress frills gloves hat highres looking_at_viewer official_art orange_hair painting_(object) purple_dress red_flower red_rose rose smile solo staff umineko_no_naku_koro_ni
1girl aisora bad_id bad_pixiv_id bat_wings hat highres lipstick makeup portrait purple_hair red_eyes remilia_scarlet short_hair solo touhou traditional_media wings
1girl bow chair dress frills gothic_lolita hair_bow highres kneehighs lolita_fashion misawa_hiroshi oil_painting_(medium) original realistic red_hair shoes sitting socks solo traditional_media twintails
1boy 6+girls alternate_costume bald beard facial_hair gothic hachimillion hat highres hijiri_byakuren houjuu_nue kumoi_ichirin long_hair multiple_girls murasa_minamitsu nazrin photo_(object) short_hair toramaru_shou touhou unzan
4girls animal_ears arms_behind_back bamboo bangs black_eyes black_hair blunt_bangs bow bunny_ears chair dress empty_eyes formal hair_bow highres houraisan_kaguya inaba_tewi moon multiple_girls onigunsou pale_skin reisen_udongein_inaba serious sitting skirt smile socks thighhighs touhou yagokoro_eirin
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