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Collection: Wow That Was Fast

Pool for fanarts that are practically made the minute new information on anime or videogames comes out.
Or fanart that makes you go "I knew this was gonna happen."

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2boys gyakuten_saiban hat hershel_layton monochrome multiple_boys naruhodou_ryuuichi necktie professor_layton professor_layton_vs._gyakuten_saiban top_hat
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1girl anniversary aqua_eyes aqua_hair caffein cosplay crossover gloves hatsune_miku highres hood hoodie in_palm navel one_eye_closed project_diva_(series) project_diva_extend smile sonic sonic_(cosplay) sonic_the_hedgehog twintails vocaloid
1girl 3boys ayasato_mayoi crossover gyakuten_saiban hershel_layton kayu luke_triton multiple_boys naruhodou_ryuuichi objection professor_layton professor_layton_vs._gyakuten_saiban
5girls ;d aoki_reika bike_shorts blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blue_skirt blush bow choker colorful cure_beauty cure_happy cure_march cure_peace cure_sunny dress earrings eyelashes green_eyes green_hair green_shorts green_skirt hair_flaps hair_tubes hands_on_hips happy head_wings hino_akane_(smile_precure!) hoshizora_miyuki jewelry kise_yayoi long_hair magical_girl midorikawa_nao multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_choker orange_shorts orange_skirt pink_bow pink_choker pink_eyes pink_hair pink_shorts pink_skirt precure rainbow_order red_eyes red_hair red_shorts ribbon shorts shorts_under_skirt skirt smile smile_precure! tiara tri_tails twintails uzuki_aki white_background wide_ponytail yellow_bow yellow_eyes yellow_skirt
5girls ;d aoki_reika big_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bow choker colorful cure_beauty cure_happy cure_march cure_peace cure_sunny dress eyelashes gloves green_choker green_eyes green_hair hair_bun hair_flaps hair_tubes happy head_wings hino_akane_(smile_precure!) hoshizora_miyuki kise_yayoi long_hair magical_girl midorikawa_nao multiple_girls one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_choker orange_skirt pink_bow pink_choker pink_eyes pink_hair pink_skirt precure red_eyes red_hair ribbon short_hair sidelocks skirt smile smile_precure! tiara tri_tails two_side_up uzuki_aki white_background wide_ponytail wrist_cuffs yellow_eyes yellow_skirt
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2girls bad_anatomy bare_shoulders black_rock_shooter blonde_hair bra bra_strap commentary_request green_eyes green_hair holding holding_needle izuriha_kagari long_hair multiple_girls mushi_baibai needle smile takanashi_yomi underwear yandere yellow_eyes yuri
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