Shorts and bike shorts

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Skin-tight bike_shorts are generally tagged separately from (not skin-tight) shorts, yet currently shorts_pull (implicates shorts) and shorts_under_skirt (doesn't implicate shorts) contain many images of bike shorts despite the visual differences. I was thinking of populating bike_shorts_pull and bike_shorts_under_skirt (cleaning up any bike shorts tagged as "shorts" in the process) and then we could implicate these tags appropriately. Any agreement or disagreement on this?

If the desire is to keep the tags distinct then just removing the implication to shorts from shorts_pull and tagging each kind manually seems like a more reasonable course than creating extra specified tags.

I personally would rather just see bike_shorts implicate shorts though. It doesn't seem like it's been discussed very much, but it seems like more often than not you'd want to see skin-tight shorts on the shorts tag as well, and can just exclude the bike shorts tag from your search if you don't.

Hinacle said:
and can just exclude the bike shorts tag from your search if you don't.

It would exclude images where other characters are wearing non-skin-tight shorts. There are instances of characters wearing both kinds at once too (a few examples are in topic #8459, and post #1414941 would be another). bike_shorts legwear_under_shorts may suffice, though, if the suggestion to tag the latter from that thread is followed. Finding instances like that would be easier if the tags were kept strictly separate, though.