Tag alias: front_cover -> cover_page

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Daijin said:
For some mangas/doujins, the back_cover has art on it as well: post #1259833

At times the full art wraps around both the front and back covers: post #1345023

Good point. But I think that the vast majority of the images tagged cover_page are front covers, making this tag a bit redundant.
In addition to this alias, I would like to add this:
Implicate back_cover -> cover_page

This way, cover_page would include all cover pages, whether front or back, and back_cover could be used to find back covers specifically. Cover_page -back_cover could be used to find front covers specifically, if necessary.

Edit: Oh, you edited your post while I was typing. Sneaky.

Daijin said:
And some of the uploads feature the art of both covers in a single image: post #1337744

If we want a way of finding posts that have both the front and back cover included, I think a new tag would be better than using using front_cover back_cover or something. Most front covers are only tagged as cover_page, making it impossible to find them like that whether we do this alias or not.