Feature Request - # of Comments in Thumbnail View

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As in any community that allows user interactions, a large part of the fun is not only in appreciating the content itself, but also in looking at and agreeing/disagreeing with others' views and opinions.

There have been countless times where I see an interesting piece of art, and click it to see other members' reactions, only to be disappointed that it's empty.

Given the large number of arts uploaded here every moment, it would be difficult to go through every art just to look at comments.

Would it be possible for the number of comments, or at least the presence of a comment, be visible when in thumbnail view? I realize that Danbooru 2 is coming up sometime - may I ask for this feature be available for that upgrade?

Updated by Serlo

Comments are seen as a secondary function of danbooru; image repository first, community second.

I myself would not want this feature as part of the main site (though you're welcome to develop and release a plug-in for this feature). In fact I've been thinking about asking the comment box to be moved to the top of the list so I don't accidentally scroll too far and have the comic/image spoilt by a lame first comment.

As communities go, danbooru is more like stackechange than reddit, youtube or deviantART, where all community functions strictly (though comments less so) serve the site's maintenance and development, hence why off topic forum threads are locked.

Edit: Also, are you aware that you can already search posts by comments?