Question about the 'love' tag

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Came across the love tag and wondered what its purpose was, considering that it looks like a subjective tag. Not only is the wiki unclear, but the posts themselves vary wildly.

For instance, post #145731 and post #967417 are romantic and contenders (or already belong) for the Making Love pool; post #1235214 and post #352800 just have the word 'love'; post #141961 is a personification of love (I would assume); post #208770 and post #275524 are just plain ol' couples; post #353937 and post #710257 are just cutesy with a little heart denoting they're a couple.

I think the love tag either needs to be cleaned up and defined better, or be made as an ambiguous tag. Love means different things to different people, so trying to consistently tag it on Danbooru is nigh impossible.

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