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Topic: More artist aliases

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jjj14 said:
According to post #453227, takuji's full name is ootomo_takuji (大友卓二). At 63 posts, does this warrant an alias, or is it too simple a tag to be aliased?

Seconding that; I have that manga.

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  • jjj14

    kuromitu and misokachu -> silhouette_sakura?
    Was poking around kuromitsu's site and apparently he has a pixiv, two blogs, a twitter, and a stickam now. Goes by "misokachu" on pixiv and stickam but releases doujins under the name シルエットさくら, which is also what it says on the first blog and twitter account. I can't find a name on the second blog.

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    Holy crap he has too many sites. Uh, silhouette_sakura seems fine. Done.

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  • EB

    jjj14 said:
    kannatsuki_noboru and kannatuki_noboru -> kannazuki_noboru: 神奈月昇 / カンナヅキノボル

    Hmm... It seems possible erogamescape may just have the wrong reading here. He uses "Kannatuki" on his own blog and email. Is there any romanization system where ヅ is "tu"? (I usually always see it as either du, dzu, or zu)

    Additional note: Also seems Japanese Wikipedia indicates 神奈月昇(かんなつき のぼる)

    Updated by EB

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    Hm, well, the fact that he uses 'tu' (which when a Japanese uses it generally indicates 'tsu') and the wiki page makes me go with kannatsuki.

    Did kannatuki_noboru -> kannatsuki_noboru for now.

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