Use https://twitter.com/i/user/{numerical_id} to link to twitter on artist page

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Currently when we want to record the (numerical) id of a Twitter user (since screen name, or handle, can be changed), we use


this kinda works, but everytime you click it, not only it would jump to the current screen name as we want (in format of https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=marebosi ) , Twitter will also make a popup to ask you to follow them, which is kinda annoying.

There is actually another format of link for numerical id, which is


This will also jump to the current user screen name (in format of https://twitter.com/marebosi ), but without the side effect of asking you to follow.

What do you guys think?

Yeah, I've known about that other format for a while. That would generate a whole lot of churn though, updating every single artist to the new format. I'd be willing to do that though if that is acceptable.

The URLs are normalized to the intent form by Danbooru so there would have to be a code change first. Then a script could be run on the server to update them quicker instead of having a user do it.