Image Replacement Request Thread

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This thread is primarily for replacing missing/corrupted images and image samples. Accidental uploads are also acceptable if the post is recent enough and not Danbooru-worthy. Replacements can only be performed by moderators and admins.

Do not post here if your "full size" is:

  • ...already on Danbooru as a separate post.
  • ...from a different site, unless the old source is a third-party site.
  • ...visibly different (revision, etc...).

If you have an image that is better than a post that is already legitimate (sourced from the artist's Twitter, Pixiv, Tumblr, etc...), just upload it separately and make it the parent.

List the post, the full size URL, and (if different) the final source for each proposed replacement, like so:

post #2276553

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