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What i'm suggesting might be old, i'm a new user in the forum (but not of the page), already discussed and discarded, but: can we have a 'like' button?

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  • BrokenEagle98

    What do you mean by "like"...?

    Liking a post can be done through favorites.
    Liking a comment can be done through voting on a comment.

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  • fossilnix

    Also, users that are gold level or higher can "like" a post without favoriting it by using the "vote up" button... help:users has a full list of different user abilities

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  • Anthrasucks

    BrokenEagle98 said:

    What do you mean by "like"...?

    By 'like' I mean: I like to browse the content of the site just by switching the pages clicking in the numbered icons from home page. By doing that, would be nice to see an indicator of how many users showed interest in each image without clicking on anything else.

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  • tapnek

    You mean like hovering over a thumbnail of the post and getting information like how many favorited the post and the score it has?

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  • S1eth

    The greasemonkey script "Danbooru Miscellaneous Tweaks" has this option: "Score Thumbnails: Displays scores and favorite counts below thumbnails."
    You can show either one, or both.

    For an assortment of scripts, see about:userscripts

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