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Topic: My pixiv request

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I was sure this would have been posted on the forums already, but after searching it really seems like it wasn't. When viewing pixiv #56625335 it says this instead of showing the image:

Only ちょん*'s My pixiv list can view this.

Send a My pixiv request to join ちょん*'s My pixiv list.

Is there any way of getting around this? Strangely enough, clicking "My pixiv request" leads to 404 error page.

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  • kittey

    When not logged in to Pixiv, the error is Artist has made their work private. I doubt you can circumvent that or that the artist would grant permission to a stranger after explicitly marking their work private.

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  • Mikaeri

    This is a feature relegated to pixiv; images can either be made public, limited to mypixiv, or private (in which case only the artist can see the work).

    I haven't checked it in detail, but pixiv recently introduced a "fix" for seeing hotlinked private images; images uploaded with limited exposure now have a hash in the filename and subsequently, the URL. I've documented this in a guide I'm working on, because viewing them without permission used to be possible; however, not anymore.

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