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tagme (locked)

To be used when you know, or feel like, there are more tags to be added but don't know, or can't remember/find them.

More specifically, it should be kept until an image can be reasonably determined to be tagged to at least "Level 3" as per the howto:tag checklist.

Not to be used as an excuse for laziness; tag your uploads as best as you can.

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aircraft airplane commentary_request from_above kantai_collection kitsuneno_denpachi no_humans ocean rising_sun sunburst tagme translation_request
2girls blonde_hair blush box brand_name_imitation brown_eyes brown_hair commentary_request girls_frontline gloves holding korean korean_commentary md5_mismatch military military_uniform multiple_girls open_mouth parody partly_fingerless_gloves ponytail speech_bubble star star-shaped_pupils sweat symbol-shaped_pupils tagme testame translation_request ump40_(girls_frontline) ump45_(girls_frontline) uniform uterus wavy_mouth yellow_eyes
1girl ;p absurdres bare_shoulders black_hair highres kantai_collection kneeling looking_at_viewer ogipote one_eye_closed remodel_(kantai_collection) scarf sendai_(kantai_collection) solo tagme tongue tongue_out yellow_eyes
absurdres black_hair detached_sleeves hair_ornament hairpin highres kantai_collection miniskirt night ogipote remodel_(kantai_collection) scarf sendai_(kantai_collection) skirt solo_focus tagme water yellow_eyes