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A skirt is a tube- or cone-shaped garment which hangs from the waist or higher and covers all or part of the legs.

Skirts vs Dresses

It is a...

  • skirt:
  • dress:
    • If the upper edge line is high enough to cover most of the breasts
    • If it is a singular clothing item, or the top and bottom are joined together into one piece
    • (Ex: post #2529997, post #920316)
Skirt lengths

The following are determined by waistline (skirt top) or hemline (skirt bottom).

microskirt*Low on the waistAt or above the crotch
miniskirtN/AMid-thigh to just below the crotch
medium skirtN/AUpper calf to mid-thigh
long skirtN/AFeet to upper calf
lowleg skirt*Low on the waistN/A
high-waist skirtAbove navel to below breastsN/A

*Note: Microskirts do not get tagged with lowleg skirt.

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