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Topic: Pointless Wikis

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rantuyetmai said:
ranger_(252527). Random guy who posted other people's art in his pixiv account.

I'll leave the wiki so people know not to use it.

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  • ice73

    D'oh. I didn't double check and made a wiki for eggbeater--should probably be aliased to whisk.

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  • jxh2154

    Cyberia-Mix said: kanagawa oki nami ura
    Could possibly get an alias along with the deletion.

    Alias to what?

    unicogirl said: Is the "boy" alias or left open?

    Will alias to match girl.

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  • sgcdonmai

    jxh2154 said:
    Done, though maybe I should do it to the Japanese.

    Please do. Also, 沖浪 (okinami) is a compound by itself, so it should be kanagawa okinami ura.

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