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remilia scarlet

レミリア・スカーレット レミリア レミフラ 雷米莉亚

The "Scarlet Devil". Final boss of Touhou's The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and later a recurring playable character.
Vampiric mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion of at least 500 years of age despite her childish appearance, whose title comes from the bloodstains on her clothes and her fearsome ability to manipulate fate. Nevertheless, she is refined and friendly, if somewhat bratty. Besides her younger sister Flandre and the rest of her household - head maid and personal attendant Izayoi Sakuya, gatekeeper Hong Meiling, and librarian Patchouli Knowledge and the little devil Koakuma, among others - she is also good friends with her one-time nemesis, Hakurei Reimu. Atypical of vampires, Remilia has a low appetite for blood.

Sometimes drawn with her weapon, Spear the Gungnir.

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Person: red_eyes, fang, wings, bat_wings
Hair: short_hair, purple_hair, lavender_hair, blue_hair
Clothing: pink_dress, puffy_short_sleeves, puffy_sleeves, short_sleeves, frills, ribbon_trim, sash, brooch, frilled_shirt_collar, frilled_sleeves, frilled_shirt
Accessories: bow, mob_cap, red_bow, red_ribbon, hat_ribbon, jewelry, ribbon, wrist_cuffs, cravat

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