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ニパ子 セリーヌ・P・ニッパーヌ

NIPAKO is the official mascot/personification of GodHand's ultimate nipper, a brand of modeling nippers. Her real name is Celine P. Nipperne. Her first design was created via Comipo! and later refined by Koike Satoshi. She also appears in the Ole Tower as a collaboration character. NIPAKO has long blue hair with twintails.

Her first upgrade is "Large" Nipako. In this form, she carries a large, powered nipper connected by a cable to a small battery that is attached to her belt. Her attire has changed greatly, now having blue-white markings and including white bike shorts underneath her short skirt.

For her second upgrade, "Ultimate" Nipako, her outfit reverts more closely to her original clothes, but with a few changes. Her top is short and sleeveless, exposing her midriff. Her equipment, which gives her a mecha musume vibe, resembles two mechanical arms with nippers.

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