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fujiwara no mokou

藤原妹紅 藤原妹红 妹紅

The "Crimson Watchguard". Extra Stage boss of Touhou's Imperishable Night.

An immortal human with powers of pyromancy. Mokou bears a deep grudge against Kaguya for spurning her father's hand in marriage when the former was still young (humiliating him in the process), which caused her to steal and drink the Hourai Elixir as revenge. Upon reaching Gensoukyou, she learned that Kaguya, too, was an immortal exile, and both have since engaged in countless, often fatal, duels, only for the vanquished to be resurrected each time.

When not picking a fight with Kaguya, she rescues lost people or guides them through the Bamboo Forest to Eientei, home of her own nemesis, or the Human Village, where her friend Kamishirasawa Keine lives, and claims to run a yakitori stand (which would put her at odds with Mystia Lorelei).

Became playable in Urban Legend in Limbo and Antinomy of Common Flowers.

Typical Tags

Person: very long hair, white hair, silver hair, sidelocks, bangs, hime cut, red eyes
Clothing: white shirt, beige shirt, collared shirt, buttons, long sleeves, suspenders, red pants, baggy pants, pants, ofuda, shoes, red footwear, shoe bow
Accessories: hair bow, white bow, fire, phoenix

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