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self-defense ojisan


The March 8, 2018 broadcast of Nippon Television's Wake Up Plus included a street interview of a man in front of Shinbashi station. That man became known as the Self-Defense Ojisan.


Ojisan has a twitter account @tpyclub. He has retweeted some of the fan art works.

📍 キセキさえ手順通り。

Fortuneteller Teppei.
Researcher of divination・占術家の鉄平です☆"
📍 キセキさえ手順通り。


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1boy arm_rest blood blood_from_mouth blood_on_wall cigarette facial_hair greyscale highres jacket male_focus monochrome open_clothes open_jacket real_life self-defense_ojisan shoes sitting solo stubble yue_(tada_no_saboten)
1boy blood cigarette corpse facial_hair fur_trim greyscale highres jacket male_focus monochrome open_mouth real_life see-through self-defense_ojisan smile stubble tossing upper_body yue_(tada_no_saboten)
4boys absurdres black_hair blood blood_on_face bloody_clothes blue_shirt boots denim drum_(container) facial_hair formal fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim gun hand_in_pocket handgun highres jacket jeans male_focus mask mask_on_head mask_over_one_eye multiple_boys nunchaku oil open_clothes open_jacket pants real_life rooftop self-defense_ojisan shirt stubble suit summergoat sunset tossing walking_away weapon
1boy black_eyes black_hair blowing_smoke blue_shirt cigarette facial_hair fake_screenshot fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim holding holding_cigarette jacket looking_at_viewer male_focus open_clothes open_jacket real_life self-defense_ojisan shirt solo stubble subtitled summergoat sunset timestamp translated