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doukutsu monogatari


An indie side-scrolling platformer game created by a Japanese artist and programmer known as Pixel (Amaya Daisuke).

Notable for its single-handed creation, its unique story, and innovative yet nostalgic gameplay. It was produced for Windows; an independent team of translators offered a localization in English, titled "Cave Story".

The player controls an amnesiac robot named Quote who decides to help a resistance effort by the rabbit-like Mimiga and their human compatriots, a team of scientists. The team's doctor came across a powerful artifact called the Demon Crown, granting him the power of a sealed evil, and the allegiance of Misery, the crown's creator, and her associate Balrog.

The game was officially released in English as a Wii WiiWare game. While it costs 1200 Nintendo Points, the WiiWare version came with several modes the original did not possess, such as the abilty to play as fan-favorite, Curly Brace. This version was later sold as DSiWare as well.

It has gotten a full-scale remake on the Nintendo 3DS.


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