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zero two (darling in the franxx)

CODE:002 ゼロツー(ダリフラ) ゼロツー 002 02

DARLING in the FRANXX character and its deuteragonist. Nickname is based on her designation as "Code:002". Has pink hair, green eyes, medium breasts, and has red horns in the shape of oni horns. Usually wears a white hairband.

Her younger self instead has red skin and red pupils, and also wears a black robe that is a hooded robe. She is often depicted with bandaged feet as well, with the other details remaining the same, aside from having a flat chest and hair between eyes. She also wears a metal anklet with her code number on it.

Along with Hiro, the pair pilot the Franxx Strelizia.

She is voiced by Tomatsu Haruka.

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