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A garment worn on the head characterized by a brim. However, posts with this tag refer to headgear in general and is not restricted to those with brim or those without.






The following tags implicate this tag: straw_hat, cowboy_hat, witch_hat, top_hat, beret, pirate_hat, nurse_cap, peaked_cap, baseball_cap, shako_cap, cloche_hat, deerstalker, hat_flower, hat_removed, fedora, animal_hat, bicorne, bowler_hat, bucket_hat, flat_cap, fur_hat, hat_ribbon, porkpie_hat, tate_eboshi, penguin_hat, cabbie_hat, party_hat, tokin_hat, deviruchi_hat, santa_hat, chef_hat, garrison_cap, tricorne, pillow_hat, sun_hat, ajirogasa, school_hat, squid_hat, jester_cap, rice_hat, wizard_hat, sailor_hat, hat_bow, beanie, police_hat, hat_with_ears, torn_hat, holding_hat, mortarboard, sombrero, military_hat, yellow_hat, nightcap, mob_cap, backwards_hat, adjusting_hat, mini_hat, bowl_hat, blue_hat, brown_hat, black_hat, green_hat, orange_hat, purple_hat, red_hat, white_hat, pink_hat, frilled_hat, print_hat, multicolored_hat, checkered_hat (learn more).

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1girl black_panties blonde_hair breasts cleavage commentary_request curvy dekoorashiru desktop detached_sleeves dress dress_lift garter_belt hat highres lace large_breasts lingerie long_hair mob_cap navel panties photo purple_eyes ribbon seductive_smile smile thighhighs touhou traditional_media underwear wide_hips yakumo_yukari
1girl armor backless_outfit bare_arms bare_shoulders black_hair blood blood_on_face blood_splatter bloody_clothes blue_eyes breasts closed_mouth commentary_request faulds from_side genso grey_background hat helm helmet highres japanese_armor katana kusazuri pants ponytail princess_principal puffy_pants rain samurai scabbard sheath short_hair small_breasts solo sword toudou_chise weapon
1girl all_fours ass bangs blonde_hair blush boots brown_footwear closed_eyes dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair from_behind furrowed_eyebrows green_dress green_hat hat long_hair long_sleeves madou_monogatari open_mouth puyo_(puyopuyo) puyopuyo sideways_mouth sleeves_past_wrists sugiura sweat tears witch_(puyopuyo)
1girl arizona_(azur_lane) azur_lane blue_hat blue_jacket blue_sky breasts brown_hair closed_mouth cloud cloudy_sky floating_hair green_eyes hat jacket large_breasts letterboxed long_hair mini_hat sblack short_sleeves sky solo upper_body