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MOETAN stands for Methodology Of English, The Academic Necessity. Moetan is an English language study for Japanese otaku. The sentences used to describe English words are somewhat... just wrong. Take for instance: Priest – “the priest has a cross-shaped bazooka.” That has a high wtf factor. This is also an anime series with some new characters.


* Nao-kun - ELS, TV
* Nijihara Ink - ELS, TV
* Pastel Ink - ELS, TV (Nijahara Ink's magical girl form)
* Ah-kun - ELS, TV
* Pen-kun - ELS, TV
* Oni-kun - ELS, TV
* Kuroi Sumi - TV
* Tempera Sumi - TV (Kuroi Sumi's magical girl form)
* Ka-kun - TV
* Shiratori Arisu - TV
* Na-kun - TV
* Ruriko - TV
* Mio Teduka - TV
* Remi Suzuki - TV
* Rina Tanaka - TV
* Rihoko Furuta - TV
* Majimero - TV

  • Disappoint - “in my childhood I was cruelly disappointed at the sight of the slide fasteners on the back of the heroes.”
  • Priest – “the priest has a cross-shaped bazooka.”
  • Object – “he obstinately refuses to accept that rosebud games contain sexual objects.’
  • Expensive - “dahhhh!! Don’t launch lots of expensive missiles too quickly!’
  • Decide – ‘let’s decide the supremacy of the Earth by the blows of robots.’
  • Request – ‘the red queen requested them to strike his head off.’
  • Strict – ‘the strict procedure is required to recall the dragon.’
  • Broadcast – ‘they broadcast the scene of glance at the panties of the national icon.’
  • Preserve – ‘the overexploitation of ears and foxtails caused so much controversy so they established a place to preserve it.;’
  • Crush – ‘the steps the giant hero takes when he doges the attack crushes the neighboring houses. We must remember that.’
  • Assist- ‘are you assisted by the amazing-shocking mechanics of this week?’
  • Arrest – ‘the mad scientist was arrested for attempted earth destruction.’
  • Scare – ‘the angel who lives on his house scared him, because she beat him to death without notice.’
  • Imply – ‘an occupation of ‘job-hoping part-time worker’ implies a state of unemployment.’
  • Distinguish – ‘it is difficult to distinguish the Chinese noodle man from the Mongol man.’
  • Apologize – ‘the newspaper publisher apologizes for getting someone angered with elaborate dishes.’
  • Embarrass – ‘ the wrong use of the magic equipment often embarrasses the girl in the bathroom while she is taking a bath.’
  • Pollution – ‘the degree of mental pollution is rising up to level E! we can’t wait!’
  • Beat – ‘i’ll never stop beating you until you cry.’
  • Exist – ‘how many times do I have to say that people who live in the earth never exist?’
  • Rational – ‘earth persons are sometimes irritated by the rational judgement of the space alien’s with sharp shaped ears.’
  • Subscribe-‘ I subscribed my name to the contract with the witch. And I had a job in the public bath.’

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