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tag group:legwear

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This is the list of tags for legwear (socks, thighhighs, etc.)

There are many types of legwear present in the images hosted on Danbooru. It is expected of you to identify the type of legwear and not just the color when tagging an image.

Doing this helps maintain good tagging standards as well as help those who wish to find images.

Main tags / Legwear by height

  • Socks
  • Kneehighs (covers the feet and legs up to the knees)
  • Over-kneehighs (covers the leg from the foot up to just above the knees)
  • Thighhighs (covers the leg from the foot up to the mid-thighs)
  • Pantyhose (covers from the waist to the toes)

See post #86570 for reference

Appearance and colors in legwear

Specific colors in legwear
Multiple colors in legwear
Patterns and prints in legwear
Stylized bands in legwear


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