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looking at viewer

カメラ目線 前から見えるお尻

When a character is making direct eye contact with the viewer. (i.e. simply looking at the camera/through the fourth wall)

Don't confuse with eye_contact, which relates to characters making eye contact amongst themselves.

Don't confuse with facing_viewer, which should be used when eyes are closed or when the eyes are covered (for example with a blindfold).

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The following tags are aliased to this tag: /lav, pov_eye_contact, /pec (learn more).

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1girl animal_ears ass black_panties blue_eyes blue_skirt commentary_request dark_skin fate/grand_order fate_(series) grin hair_intakes hairband kneeling lancer_(lostbelt) lightninglight long_hair looking_at_viewer panties pantyshot pleated_skirt single_thighhigh skirt smile solo sweater tan tattoo thighhighs tiles underwear white_hair yellow_sweater