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The "Little Dowser General".
Stage 1 mid-boss and boss, as well as Stage 5 mid-boss of Touhou's Undefined Fantastic Object.
A mouse youkai who can seek lost objects with her dowsing rods, as well as the leader of a pack of mice. She is a direct subordinate of Toramaru Shou, although not (until later) a follower of Shou's master Hijiri Byakuren.
Doujinji sometimes comically portray her being chased by Kaenbyou Rin and/or Chen on account of their species. She is also seen often using dowsing rods.

Typical Tags

Person: grey hair, short hair, bangs, red eyes, mouse ears, mouse tail
Outfit: grey dress, grey skirt, white shirt, grey vest, layered clothing, skirt set, long sleeves, capelet, socks, white legwear, shoes, black footwear
Accessories: dowsing rod, basket, mouse, jewelry, pendant

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